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PhotoWatermark Professional  

PhotoWatermark Professional

PhotoWatermark Professional key features include:

· Green program: Everything is in a single folder.
· Batch: One step to process large number of photos (all files in a folder and also in its subfolders at the same time) including combinations of

· Batch watermarking. · Batch renaming: Create unique file names with EXIF date and time.
· Batch resizing: Can use one of the 11 resample filter.
· Batch converting: Convert between JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, GIF, PNG and JPEG 2000.
· Batch printing: Watermark and print out all your images.
· Batch rotating: Rotate all your pictures at once.
· Batch adjusting: Adjust colors of your pictures.
· Making AVI: Make AVI movie with or without watermark.
· Customizable target image size: specify a target image size and create the most consistent watermark.
· Manage multiple watermark files with the built-in watermark manager: Maximize your creativities, switch watermarks is just a single click.
· Three types of objects: Watermark supports a mixture of text, graphic and drawing objects of any complexity.
· Multi-line text box and various styles: Text supports multi-line and any true type fonts in your system. Single line text boxes can also have angled fonts.
· Automatic objects - Objects that are updated automatically with each image using either file information or EXIF data.
· Auto file info: Stamp your photos with filename and size.
· Auto date: Stamp your photos with date picture taken and last watermarked in various formats.
· Auto EXIF table: Show portion or the entire EXIF table on your pictures.
· Auto age: Place your baby's age on the photos.
· Camera model and camera settings.
· Frame: Include an auto adjustable frame for your pictures.
· Image effects for image object such as emboss, tile, twist etc.
· Extended text styles: outline*, shadow, emboss, and engrave.
· Soft shadow: Each object has its own drop shadow including non-text objects*.
· 100 transparency levels: Each object has its own transparency level*.
· Insert or paste pictures: JPEG, GIF, PNG, ICO, WMF, EMF, TIFF, BITMAP, JPEG2000 etc.
· Transparent or opaque image object: a single button makes it transparent or opaque.
· Individual object alignment: Each object can have an auto position attribute which is one of the 9 predefined positions and no auto position.
· Explorer style folder tree and file list: Photo files are listed automatically when you select a folder. You can optionally open a number of files for watermarking if you do not want to list all photos in a folder.
· WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get interface.
· Keep your EXIF data: EXIF data are automatically saved in the watermarked files provided they are in JPEG format.
· Various graphic formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BITMAP and JPEG2000.
· Supports animated GIF and multipage TIFF files.
· Tips.
· End user editable language interface.
· Command line argument support: you can automate watermarking by providing proper command line arguments
· Multiple themes.

* Available under NT based systems (NT/2k/XP/2003) only.


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