HELP - Lesson 1

Before you start

Quick check - have you got what you need?

  • Web Page Editor (HTML Editor) - Of course you have - this is it!
  • FTP Program - (File Transfer) to send web pages from your computer to the web site? - Of course you have - this is it!
  • Experience in writing HTML - don't worry - follow these tutorials step by step, and learn as you go. The learning curve is steep but worth the effort, as you will gain a skill which many web designers do not posess -the ability to understand the workings of your web pages and make them behave exactly as you want.
  • Loads of ideas? - sketch out your ideas first. Its a lot easier to make a drawing of a web site first, before starting to code it, but that's not much like learning so lets move on to the first lesson now.

    So lets move on

    and find out more about the program. Click the [ Next ] to continue.
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