HTML index

all html tags
html tag description
!-- comment
!doctype document type
a hypertext link
abbr abbreviation or acronym
acronym acronym
address address section
applet java applet
area hot spot definition
b bold text
base base url for relative urls
basefont base/master font.
bdo bi directional rendering off
bgsound background sound
big big text
blink blinking text
blockquote block quotation
body the main body of the page
br line break
button clickable button
caption table caption
center centre text and objects on screen
cite citation
code code
col column specific information
colgroup group of columns within a table
comment comment
dd definition description
del denotes deleted text
dfn defining instance
dir directory list
div division
dl definition list
dt definition term
em emphasis
embed embedded document
fieldset fieldset box
font font
form defines a form
frame frame
frameset frame definition
h1 heading font 1
h2 heading font 2
h3 heading font 3
h4 heading font 4
h5 heading font 5
h6 heading font 6
head head
hr horizontal rule
html html
i italic
iframe inline frame
ilayer inline layer
img image
input form input control
ins inserted
isindex searchable index
kbd keyboard
keygen key generation
label label definition
layer layer definition
legend legend
li list item
link link
listing fixed-width type
map client side image map definition
marquee scrolling text
menu menu list.
meta meta tag
multicol multiple column formatting
nextid formatting value
nobr no text break
noembed alternative for browsers which don't support embed
noframes alternative view without frames.
nolayer no layers alternative.
noscript alternative for browsers which cant run scripts
object external object
ol ordered list
optgroup option group
option list option
p paragraph
param parameter
plaintext unformatted text
pre pre formatted text
q quote
range range
s strikeout
samp sample
script script definition
select selection list
server live wire script
small small text
spacer vertical and horizontal space
span span
strike strikethrough
strong strong text
style style definition
sub subscript
sup superscript
table table definition
tbody table body
td table cell
textarea text area input control
tfoot table footer
th table header
thead table header area definition
title title
tr table row
tt typewriter font
u underline
ul unordered list
var variable
wbr soft line break
xmp example text